2 on 2 Challenge

Competition Through the 2 on 2 ChallengeTM

YellowBall Tennis takes a novel approach to introducing competitive play called the 2on2 ChallengeTM. The format parallels the athletic path students will follow in high school and college tennis by combining singles and double match play to promote teamwork and friendly competition.

The format of the 2on2 ChallengeTM is simple. Players sign up with a partner as a “team” and are entered into a round-robin draw. When they challenge another team, each player plays one singles match and together, they take on the other team in a doubles match.  Both singles and doubles matches consist of one 8-game pro set with regular scoring. Throughout the Challenge, teams accrue a win-loss record. At the end of the event the team with the best record wins! Winners are posted on the YellowBall Tennis Website!

The 2 on 2 Challenge USTA Midwest Tennis News magazine, reaching an audience of over 65,000 readers

The 2on2 ChallengeTM can be introduced at the RedBall level with flexible format and scoring. Players 10 and under can compete in the 2on2 ChallengeTM using smaller racquets, shorter courts, and larger tennis balls. This format allows young players to learn the basics of competitive match play in a low-stress environment.



At the Yellowball level, the 2on2 ChallengeTM provides a unique opportunity for players to refine their singles play while improving the strategy and teamwork required to be successful doubles players. YellowBall Tennis feels that players should be well-rounded and prepared to contribute to their high school and college tennis teams in either singles or doubles roles. While young players may be used to individual competition, the scoring format of the 2on2 ChallengeTM also helps them learn to support their teammates and work together to achieve success!