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There’s nothing like tennis!

Yellow Ball Tennis classes are for players 11 years and over. Whether they want to stay fit, join their high school team, are participating in competitive tournaments or preparing for a collegiate tennis career, our Yellow Ball classes are tailored to fit their needs. The Yellow Ball Tennis model offers players the opportunity to focus on skills development while providing a safe and social environment to promote individual growth.

For children 10 and under, we offer USTA Red Ball Tennis classes. These classes combines basic skill development and an introduction to friendly match play. Using smaller racquets, shorter courts, and larger tennis balls, the classes ensure that children experience success, gain confidence, cultivate friends and look forward to continuing on to the Yellow Ball level.

We also offer Adult tennis classes!

Joining one of our programs means you’ll be part of an exciting environment filled with exercise, skill-building, teamwork, competition and fun! Click below to find out how you can join Yellow Ball today!